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Greetings everyone,  I recently made a 4100 mile road trip to pick up a new bike and then taking it on an adventure.  The first leg started with a train ride from San Luis Obispo to Salem Oregon to meet a new friend and purchase his 2008 Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport.  The train ride was a perfect way to "decompress" from the daily grind and in true sidetrak'n fashion even the train presented an opportunity to find a story or two for inspiration.  First, I had dinner with Ken, Deborah and Mr. Amtrak himself (AKA-- Boston).  Ken waxed poetic about finally having the opportunity to retire and hammered the point home to live life and not wait for it to be convenient.  After dinner, Mr Amtrak and I found another character to hang out with, the Crazy Austrian.  

Mr. Amtrak had been on the train since Boston and by now had become like a member of the crew.  We joked that he must have been a rich eccentric tycoon that purchased and lived onboard the train but leased it to Amtrak as a cover story --hence his new nickname; Mr Amtrak.  Actually he, was taking an extended travel to visit his brother and his family in Portland.  Safe travels my friend.  

The Crazy Austrian is a nomadic adventurer working his way around the world trying to find people that still "produce" something on their own.  He aspires to produce a documentary chronicling these "real people" that live by and produce their own means.   His hope is to incite people to a freedom revolution from outsourced mass produced junk and bring value back to the local entrepreneur.  Whether it is a handmade bicycle frame, organic produce or a micro brewery there is passion and quality that goes with anything made by someone's own hand.  I admire his mission and hope to one day hear that his idea has come to fruition.  

Next stop: Salem Oregon.  Salem is where the first "bike leg" of the trip began.  I was met at the train station by my new friend and fellow motorcyclist, Scott F.   Scott and I immediately drove to his place to look at the bike.  It is a beautiful machine and wonderful condition exactly as he described.  Done Deal!  Scott and I later cooked a steak, shot some billiards and polished of a bottle of 12 year old Macallan Scotch as a tribute to Neil Peart, our own motorcycle adventures and respect for the "healing road."  If you haven't had the chance check out Ghostrider, Stories from the Healing Road by Neil Peart.  It is worthy of the read.   Scott also presented me with a copy of the book One Good Run: the Legend of Burt Munro in honor of my sojourn to Bonneville on the Goose.  Immeasurable thanks to both Scott and Neil.  Ride Safe!

Thursday: The Moto Guzzi is mine.  The Goose and I load up and depart on the first bike leg trying to work our way to Wendover Utah for Speed Week 2012.  We got a late start (too much pool and scotch) but we made it 264 miles to John Day Oregon.  The ride starts off winding through the tall green Oregon woodlands, lakes and rivers and ends with the sun setting behind me, casting long shadows through the canyons and stone spires of the John Day Fossil Beds.  

Arriving at John Day, I surveyed the small town in search of a place to camp or decent hotel.  I ended up at the Best Western where I met a group of fellas riding back to Orange County CA from a long trip to Canada.  These guys were truly what motorcycle travel is about.  They got a kick out of the Goose and graciously invited me to join them for dinner.  It was a great end to my first day on my new bike, commradery with a group of strangers that you feel you have known your whole life,  good food and drink and comfortable bed.  The gal from the front desk was so kind to give me four bottles of water for next days journey.  So, if your ever in John Day Oregon I would highly recommend the Best Western.  Great service, fair prices and nice clean rooms, which is just what a weary traveler needs after a long day.

More to follow.

I am always looking for places to explore but I often find my self getting sidetracked within the sidetrack and there are only some many hours in the day. Check out some of these links related to the places that have caught my interest.  I will post pictures and videos as I get them done.  In the mean time, check out these links and better yet visit the places or let me know if you have more information.  

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