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I am a freelance adventurer (if there is such a thing), adventuring mostly from the saddle of my Ural Sidecar nicknamed "Yuri." Yuri is a 2-wheel drive Ural, Gear-Up, Gobi edition.  There are several hundred Gobi's but there is only one Yuri.   Yuri is complete with the factory Russian machine gun mount and removable ammo cans.  I found an original upper pintle mount for the machine gun (in a shop in Poland) which also doubles as camera mount for the videos.  Yuri will go just about anywhere , he just won't do it fast and that works just fine for this project.

In retrospect,  I suppose I was destined to do these kinds of projects. I was going through some old pictures the other day and realized the seed for this project was planted long ago.  My mother decorated our breakfast patio with images of her travels and articles about interesting places from all over the world.  The walls of the room were one huge travel collage.  For our adventures we would pack a picnic lunch, load it in the car and proclaim that we were on a journey to "go get lost."  Scouring the countryside looking for roads or clues to something obscure such as a covered bridge, a historic site or an abandoned caboose.  We would talk to people along the way and find the hidden stories.

This project is a continuation of what we started long ago.  It began with the intention of exploring the central coast and recording these adventures.  I hope that by sharing  the story others will want to find out more about their communities.  I am also discovering that this project is becoming more about people than geography.  The people that put these places on the map, literally and figuratively. 

It is essentially validating the Chinese proverb of the red thread of destiny.  The proverb states that we are all connected by a thin red string tied at our ankles and the lesson in life it to respect the connection without becoming entangled in the thread.  It also proves that when we are on the right path and elude the entanglement, serendipitous things happen.   So lets start pulling on the thread and see where it leads us. 

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